2022 Poetry Collection

The One Where She Falls in Love with Him

The wind that we agreed was too cold for existence

whips memories of you through every exposed crevice of my sweater 

In the back ally when our frost-bitten hands held the joint in one hand and drank chamomile tea in the other 

I don’t want to be yours or you to mine

But I don’t want you to be his

Because we are each other’s

Best friends

I      miss      you 

I want you back 

When we both said the same thing at the same time and agreed our brains were connected

my soulmate – your soulmate

I’m giddy – is this love? 

Are we in love? We question it? Maybe both too shy to admit or fully explore?

We’ll never know.

When we lied to my mom 

Snuck out to that rave and were intoxicated for weeks 

From the music and the thrill 

I want to hang on to you like a 







Hold on for dear life – 

But If I don’t let go, 

It’ll only hurt more

I     miss    you. 

hallucinate your name on my phone

And I imagine your little ellipsis

As you text me about a dog in a cute jacket 

Your Instagram -our favourite sushi  

with him 

Can I be  j e a l o u s  and  h a p p y  for you?

I let the salt D




into my mouth 

As oceans whirl in my eyes

Storms so rough

I can’t see clearly 

Because at the same time

I am overjoyed 

And I want nothing more than your happiness

So I swing out with you 

And I let go of you









Into the unknown 

Where I’ll learn 

How to move on and be close to you 

In different ways 

And give you the      s   p   a   c   e         you need

To connect your brain with his 

And will rejoice in the times I get to be a part of it 

And I’ll learn to let my happiness for you 

Outweigh the pain of letting you go 

 I’ll hold your heart inside mine


And keep the photo albums of us 

Stored on the top shelf of my memory 

And we’ll blow the dust off together

And reminisce about being 16 

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