Become a Blogger!

The following has been copied from Atticus Yus’ (Blog Manager 2021-2022) articleCome Write for the ESA’s Blog!” Slight changes to the application process have been made since that post was written, as reflected below.

What to expect as a blogger, and why become one?

There are no commitments as an ESA blogger.

I will never chase you down to make sure you write an article each month or fire you because you were three days past your submission deadline. Writing for the blog should never impact your academics.

In past years, most bloggers submitted an article every 4-6 weeks. If that schedule works for you, then great! However, if you can manage just one article per semester, then that is also perfectly acceptable. There is no contract. If you want to write just one article then never submit anything else again, then I promise you will not get in any trouble. The only enforced rules are that you cannot have more than two articles posted per month, you must abide to UBC’s policies and guidelines, and you have to be a member of the ESA.

Besides the relaxed atmosphere, there are tons of reasons why someone would want to be a blogger. Here are just a few:

  • To have a reason to write outside of school.
  • Keep your academic-mind active while on co-op.
  • Get your name out there.
  • Proof of academic contributions outside a classroom space
  • An interest to get involved with the ESA and make friends!

Bloggers have submitted a variety of projects. Movie reviews, class papers, analysis of song lyrics- the list goes on! Just about everything is fair game as long as it relates to English literature or language.

How to Apply

If you want to get involved, please send an email to All you have to do is introduce yourself (major, year, writing interests), give a quick idea of what you would like to write for your first article, and be a member of the ESA. You no longer need to provide a writing sample.

To those who were bloggers in previous years, please note that submissions and pitches will both be done over email this year. You will not have to reapply, just let me know when you have purchased your 2021-22 ESA membership pass and send me a pitch whenever you want. Furthermore, for those who sent an email between the months of March to early September 2021, please resend! I do my best to respond within a 48-hour window.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Here are a few ways to contact me, as well as the rest of the ESA team.