2019-2020 Team

Executive Team 2019-2020

Leonni Antono 


Drowning in coffee, brb

Samantha Bowen

VP Operations 

Sam is a fourth-year Honours English student who is trying her very best. She loves finding new places to get bubble tea, cheering for slumping hockey teams, and staying up ridiculously late for absolutely no good reason. Feel free to say hi if you see her around!

Nicholas Lee

VP Events Programming

My name is Nicholas Lee and it’s an absolute pleasure to be able to represent the ESA this year! I am currently a 4th year English student in the dual literature/language stream. I originally came to school to study political science, but something about English drew me in, and ever since my first UBC English course, I can honestly say I am passionate about studying English. I enjoy studying post-humanist stories, the Romantic Period, and absolutely love “Brave New World”. Through all my experiences at school, I hope to eventually become an English teacher, and impart my knowledge upon the next generation.

Kylie Lim

VP Marketing

Kylie is a third year English major and Creative Writing minor with a love for video games and creative narratives of all forms. She also has an Associate of Arts in Creative Writing from Capilano University. This indoors creature exists in a constant awkward state of sleep deprivation and anxiety, interrupting her supposedly healthy diet with perpetual cravings for sushi and cake. All cats are friends, and friends are for life.

Kishoore Ramanathan

VP Finance

Hey there! My name is Kishoore and I’m a second year in the faculty of English! My favourite activities include reading, transiting from Richmond to UBC, and volunteering! My greatest loves in life are my hamster and Ikea.

Christine Xiong 

Honours Representative

Christine is a fourth year English Honours major with a minor in Commerce who also serves as Editor-in-Chief of TGS, the English Department’s undergraduate journal. She passionately believes there is no such thing as too much bubble tea or sushi or ice cream, and thinks every dog is the best dog.

Sarah Marvi

AUS Representative

Sarah is a third-year student, primarily a creature of the night, who is taking psychology as a major but is in desperate need of therapy herself. Drinks an obscene amount of coffee and tea. In her free time she enjoys eating sweet things, Netflix, listening to music, video editing and loves all things art. Definitely willing to sell her soul for seven men only. (Hint: they start with the letter B)