2022 Poetry Collection

Past, Present, Future

Be me a woman, compassionate and kind,

Is it also in my nature to fall back inside?

Ashamed of myself, calling out the liars

Who speak to me, with friendly fire.

What is this age? Do I fit the script

or am I the outlier? So many skipped,

I should be ashamed of who I am.

Thinking of myself, a liar, a scam.

I don’t know any better than you

Who I am or what I should do.

I’ll put one foot in front of the other,

One step at a time, no more need for cover.

Hate what you love, love what you hate,

Show the world what you make of your fate.

Ay this is my note, my last decision.

I’ve finally found the inner condition.

It works for me, to be friendly and patient.

Not everyone has this learned cadence

So do not judge for learning it late.

Now I cannot fall back, now I cannot wait.

This is the message you need to know,

For the future of our world is in constant flow.

It always seems like the worst of times,

But everything moves on in squiggly lines.

No matter how bad it gets we’ll make it through,

But I cannot stress enough how it starts with you.

I beg you to find the battle within your soul.

I beg you to find the will to become whole.

Angela Thompson

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