2022 Poetry Collection

Alone in the River with Who?

 Sitting on an island with who?

 I’m not sitting here with you.

 All alone,

Rivers and cones

You lied and you cheated.

Left me angry and weakened.

The smell of pine, fresh trees and time,

 all I do is sit and rhyme.

 For God’s sake,

 I am not fake!

 I sit here and bare my soul.

Does this baring ever get old?

 Not for you. You thought I amusing.

Thrown away, the devil’s fling.

 Broken and shattered;

 Maybe I’ll stop rhyming now;

 Perhaps I’ll change verse;

 Maybe I’ll heal somehow;

Jump into the water;

Head first? Feet first?

 What is best? I don’t know.

My heart heals worst.

 Maybe I need to slow down, stick my toe in the river,

Center myself, holding onto the cone.

I see someone there next to me doing the same as I,

Next to me, answers lie, I’m not alone.

Angela Thompson

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