2022 Poetry Collection

Unstoppable Force

On that day, I caught lightning in a jar.

Wondrous bewilderment coursed when she asked my name.

For shame, I had none worthy to give the violent flame.

Yet, tranquil I felt, for dancing upon my palm was a luminous star. 

Desolation’s apostle, blindly I scoured amidst earth and eternal sky.

Praised be to Misery. His smog once bellowed, breaths of tempestuous fire.

Null and void, I had chose to die.

Still, embers burned boldly within ashes lie.

Inferno cleanse me. Rotted heart ablaze, ably now I may aspire.

Of her fountain she gives me drink, a single drop plentiful. 

My body of clay transmutes, forming flesh warm.

Thundering beneath my breast, imbuing soul in colossal storm.

Ten thousand roaring suns pass, and in the end the silent night arrives, retiring the sentinel.

I gaze into the abyss, and find it wavers against the spice of her glare.

Darkness my companion. My antagonist, my nemesis.

Blighted no more am I of your adamantium shackles, wrought of despair.

Old wounds still ache, though no longer mortal and bare.

But her, in defiance of it all, she floats. My starving skin flickers at the brush of a finger, forever marking a new genesis.

Jin Sung

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