2022 Poetry Collection

In Loving Memory

Dear Reader… 

For context and as a content and/or trigger warning, my mother passed away a few  years ago. I found solace in reading and writing poetry. It lent a hand in articulating the complex  emotions and nuances of navigating through the past few years after losing someone so  important to me. The creation and collection of these three short, anonymous poems has been  a reflective and therapeutic experience. My hopes are that they can help you reflect on and  articulate similar emotions or feelings if you too have lost a loved one.  

TLDR; Content/Trigger Warning:  

This collection of poems deals with themes of death, losing a family member, parent,  loved one, etc. and childhood traumas.  

This collection is titled “In Loving Memory”. I hope you enjoy. 

– JC

Place and Time with You

Aligned in perfect parallels, 

boats rested along their moorings 

contrasting vividly, white  


dark, sacred waters  

of the inlet. 

Evenings spent there, taking it all in 

feelings of home, chaos, longing 

growing, bubbling, arising. 

Harbor silently harboring

silence I watch, I

breathe, I feel. 

Just watching, just  

breathing, just feeling. 

Knowing that if I just walk away, leave

it all behind, and just walk  away, 

memories will stay in their places, frozen 

in time. 

Nothing would change, and I can 


on to all of it for one more 

perfect minute with you. 





Quiet, deafening silence 

Remembering you is the only way you’ll 

live on, I know 

sunsets here were your

favourite time of the day, and 

undoubtably, they were better 

with you.


Vivid memories  

with you are all I have now. 

Exactly today 5 years ago 

you left us behind for a better  

world, and 

zealously, we still search for little 

ways to live in your absence.

Walking quickly

Walking quickly at night,

always here to get my steps in by the

harbor not 

here nor there like you 

and every night the wind breeze

encompasses me  

it’s forever a hug from you

soothing in its presence 

and chilling in its wake 

I feel the cold of it  

through and through 

my layers of warmth 

and protection 

down to my bones. 

I forever feel the presence

like the absence 


Out there, I know 

I see a seal bob its head 

up and out of the dark waters

I almost miss it, and the others

never see it 

so did it really happen. 

It’s blurry and maybe I imagined it 

it’s forever you in it’s imagined  


imagined presence 

I can still see its head 

I can still hear your voice 

if I look hard enough 

if I listen hard enough 

Your presence is forever 

this harbor, every 

fleeting moment, every 

flickering image, every 

lost memory.

When I Was a Child 

When I was a child, 

tree meant a big plant that I would never

climb. I hate bugs. 

song meant singing the lyrics as loud as I  

could. I was a choir kid. 

water meant family bonding time. I still don’t  

know if Mom actually knows how to swim. TV show meant hopefully my homework  

was done. No TV before my math was  


tired meant dozing off. Mom used to tuck  

me into bed every night. 

When I was a child, 

snow meant tobogganing. I live by a hill.

school meant seeing my friends. I didn’t  

have many of them when I was a child. art

meant as many colours as I could fit on a  

page. I was always a creative kid. 

When I was a child, 

loneliness smelled like fresh air and the

wind. I usually sat alone on the playground

at recess. 

hunger tasted like nothing. Nothing tastes  

like craving everything. 

When I was a child, 

anxiety tasted like my blood. I tend to bite  

the inside of my cheeks when I’m

anxious. happiness felt like the wind in my

hair. I miss running into Mom’s arms. 

longing felt like tossing and turning in bed.  

Missing her kept me up at night. 

Dearest daughter, 

When you were a child, 

you never climbed trees. I watched you  

cringe as you noticed ants on other

kids. you loved being in the choir. I’m

sorry I  never attended your concerts. 

you were always so excited to go  

swimming. I’m sorry we didn’t get to go  


you knew to finish your homework before

 playing. I regret not letting you be a child.

you were asleep the second your mother  

tucked you in. I’m sorry I was never the one  

to do so. 

When you were a child, 

snow meant tobogganing. I tried to make up  

for time lost by playing on it with you. school

meant seeing your friends. You  didn’t have many of them.  

art meant projects that we didn’t have space  

for. I’m sorry we never kept any of it. 

When you were a child, 

loneliness smelled like fresh air and the  

wind. You were always alone when I picked  

you up after school. 

hunger tasted like nothing. You were never  

picky, and never asked for more than your  


When you were a child, 

anxiety tasted like blood. I could see you  

biting the inside of your cheeks, but I’m  

sorry I didn’t know how to help you.

happiness felt like the wind in your hair. I  

know you miss running into your

mother’s  arms. I’m sorry I can’t do

anything to  change that. 

longing felt like tossing and turning in bed. I  

know missing her keeps you up at night. I’m  

sorry I can’t do anything to help you. It

keeps me up too. 



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