2022 Poetry Collection

Hymn, he was

Content warning: mentions of suicide.

The sunrise laughter, he was—

His array of morning-bird chirping humor,

A tear-turned-smile: Houdini’s final quest.

Standing, a million o’stars glistening in 

His pupils, a sun-bright mind alike,

As his light-hearted feet solved every


The flight-turbulent wrist, he was—

His flaming ambitions meet sobering

Light. Reality, the paralyzed soul: a crying


For his emerald child, he was—

Caring for the tumultuous stone,

As his weeping heart saw light.

As the loveless widow steals dawn,

As his hope whimpers a subtle 


His gut-wrenched smile, he was—

His raisin eyes, lately glimmered,

For his frail brain, his begging eyes,

His flaccid, dangling throat meets 


For his staccato past, we cherish in blue, 

His miraged future, a devil’s regret,

As he sings in silence, we mustn’t forget

That Icarus, like him, once flew.

Shehab Khan

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