University Haikus

As exams are fast approaching, I have taken the liberty to illustrate the slow, or sometimes fast, descent into panic that we have all experienced at some point in our lives through several haikus. Each haiku represents a month and shows the meticulous organization that occurs at the beginning of the year, and the slow shift to procrastination. Eventually—for they are unavoidable— finals arrive and there are hundreds of pages of readings to slog through and the empty promise that I will never again leave anything to the last minute.




The sun is shining

On hopeful smiling faces

My readings are done.



The last leaves of fall

Clinging weakly to branches-

Winter is coming.



Rain, rain and more rain

Hiding my post-exam tears

Drowning my sorrow.

young studiing boy isolated on white backgroung


If I pass this course

I swear to never be a


I hope you all enjoyed and could relate to my University Haikus. Good luck on your finals, and happy holidays!

Rebecca Silver is a second year Arts student with an intended major in History and minor in International Relations. She loves all things Russian, curling up with a good book, and dogs.


  • “Solo exam” by Xavi via Flickr. License: CC by 2.0
  • “Back to School – It was a long way to school” by Ian Burt via Flickr. License: CC by 2.0
  • “Home of Ganga Pun, Nepal” by Australian Department of Foreign Affairs via Flickr. License: CC by 2.0
  • “Fun with Leaves” by ThreeIfByBike via Flickr. License: CC by 2.0
  • “When Young Children ‘Hate’ School” by wecometolearn via Flickr. License: CC by 2.0

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