UBC English Students' Association The Colloquium

The Colloquium

We are pleased to announce our first conference: The Colloquium. Featuring presentations by undergraduate students, graduate students, and English faculty members, The Colloquium took place on January 31 from 11:30-6 in the Dodson Room. Thank you to everyone who attended!

Our Presenters

Undergraduate Students

Elysse Bell: “Food as Rhetoric/Rhetoric as Food: The Persuasive Dimensions of Food in Literature”

Max Rutherford: “Economic Perceptions and Literary Monsters – Is there a Capitalist Hiding Under my Bed?”

Rachel Robinson: “Common Knowledge: The Book of Common Prayer and Early Modern Theatre”

Carolyn Nakagawa: “A different kind of pear: race and abstraction in Wallace Stevens and Roy Kiyooka”

Graduate Students

Emilia Halton-Hernandez: “Hoarding Orientations: Jane Bennett, Wilfred R Bion and Mansfield Park”

Fiona Trotter: “Living on the Threshold” Real and Imagined Spaces in Kit Pearson’s Awake and Dreaming

Cameron Paul: “‘I’m going to call this like it is. Murder, for justice maybe. Murder just the same’: Storytelling and Tribal Sovereignty in Louise Erdrich’s The Round House

Faculty Members

Dr. Siân Echard: “Lost, Found, and Manufactured: Facsimiles as Primary Texts”

Dr. Katherine Sirluck: “Renaissance Magic and the Wonder Working Word”

Dr. Peter Mahon: “Close and Distant reading in Digital and Post-Humanities”

Thank you to our sponsor CiTR 101.9 FM! Check out their awesome programming here.

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