ESA 2023-24 Elections are Open!

The academic year is coming to an end and so it’s time to start thinking about next year’s executive team. As an ESA executive, you will work with a team of like-minded students to find different ways of cultivating a community within the English department while also promoting English studies as an accessible and fun option available to anyone. From our annual ice cream social to outreach events such as the Poetry Collection, you will have the opportunity to hold big and small events and collaborate with the English department, or even other clubs!

To be eligible for this election, you must be an official member of the ESA. This means you have paid for our membership on Show Pass and have requested to join our Campus Base. You must also be enrolled in 3 UBC credits per term during the 2023-24 academic year. These requirements are per AMS guidelines, the ESA is an AMS club and must follow these requirements.

Applications are due March 17th at 11:59 PM. Application bios will be temporarily posted on our website until voting is done.

The form to nominate yourself is here:


Description of available roles

note: expected time commitment varies per week. Weeks of major events tend to require more hours.


  • expected time commitment: 5 to 10 hours a week
  • Organize a term calendar with expected events and budgets, as well as monthly newsletters to members.
  • Act as the central point of communication between the ESA and English department, and other external organizations
  • Hold weekly meetings with a concise itinerary.
  • Manage inquiries regarding graduation photos
  • Call general meetings each term
  • Willing to speak on behalf of and represent the English Students’ Association
  • Ability to substitute in all other roles when necessary or in an emergency.
  • Complete the AMS President Module on Canvas.



  • Expected time commitment: 2 hours a week, may increase when writing grant proposals.
  • Manage the club’s finances and validate budgets
  • Fulfill refund requests for the club in a timely manner
  • Apply for grants
  • Set up the membership system
  • Complete the AMS Treasurer Module on Canvas.


VP Operations

  • Time commitment: 2-5 hours a week, hours increase when preparing for the creative conference.
  • Manage the club’s official email and notify other executives when they have to respond to a message
  • take meeting minutes at our weekly meetings
  • Complete all room booking requests for events.
  • Hold a creative conference in term 1, with the assistance of VP Social and VP Academic
  • Hold the annual short story competition in term 2.


VP Academic Programming

  • Time commitment: 2-5 hours a week, varying on type of event and stage of planning. (Increases when planning the Colloquium).
  • plan at least two academic events a term.
  • Academic events enrich scholarly performance and experiences. Potential events include a graduate school application workshop, Meet the faculty, and events targeting potential English majors.
  • Responsible for holding our annual Colloquium, our undergraduate research conference.
  • Create marketing outlines, such as Instagram captions, for academic events
  • Connect students with faculty
  • Focus on the future of English majors by providing resources involving careers and academia.


VP Social Programming

  • Time commitment: 2-5 hours a week, varying on type of event and stage of planning.
  • Plan at least two social events a term.
  • Social events benefit the English community, and often shift away being solely devoted on academic performance. Potential events include our annual ice cream social, movie night, pub night and black out poetry!
  • Create marketing outlines, such as Instagram captions, for social events
  • Responsible for collaborating with VP operations for the term 1 creative conference, the Poetry Collection.


VP Marketing & Graphics

  • Commitment: 2 hours a week.
  • Create graphics in a timely matter for events
  • respond to Instagram DMs
  • figure out methods to make our social media more engaging and informative!
  • Organize Instagram takeovers
  • maximize our promotional capabilities and support local organizations or clubs when appropriate.


Honours Representative

  • Commitment: 2 hours a week.
  • Plan an honours social once a term
  • willing to represent the honours program at department events
  • Collaborate with the honours program director.


AUS Representative

  • Time commitment 2-3 hours every two weeks at AUS council, plus 15-30 minutes per week in ESA executive meetings.
  • attend AUS council which takes place every two weeks.
  • Report back to the club with important information.
  • THIS ROLE STARTS IN THE SUMMER, beginning virtual and then in-person once the academic year starts.


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