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Drugs, Alcohol and Literature

Drugs, Alcohol and Literature

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Kubla Khan are only a few of the many incredible works that Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote in his troubled lifetime. When he lost his father as a young boy and suffered from several health issues in his youth, the solution that was offered to him was opium. While...
The Kids' Section: Oliver Jeffers' The Heart and the Bottle

The Kids’ Section: Oliver Jeffers’ The Heart and the Bottle

Though I consider myself a geek when it comes to English literature or anything poetry, there will always inevitably come a time when I need some kind of a break. Watching my mother teach kids in kindergarten and seeing the adorable picture books she would bring back home was fascinating. I was surprised when I...
Oh, for the Love of Keats!

Oh, for the Love of Keats!

One of our ESA contributors, Saakshi, reflects on the way a trip to Keats’ home affected her outlook on English, poetry, and the universality of pure human emotion.   I was fortunate enough to have myself immersed in the magical world of John Keats for the first time in high school, two years ago. Ever...