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Meet the Profs 2018

Meet the Profs 2018

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to our Meet the Profs event – both profs and students! An extra special thank you goes out to all the professors who stayed to chat with students, including: Elizabeth Hodgson Y-Dang Troeung Miranda Burgess Scott MacKenzie Deanna Kreisel We hope everyone enjoyed the icebreaker questions...
'Meet the Profs: They Came from Buchanan Tower' Recap!

‘Meet the Profs: They Came from Buchanan Tower’ Recap!

On October 11th, the ESA hosted our second event of the year, Meet the Profs: They Came from Buchanan Tower! We are very lucky in the Department of English to have such easy access to a wealth of intelligent, funny, and personable faculty. This year, we were grateful for the presence of: Dr. Siân Echard,...