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Submit to The Garden Statuary!

Submit to The Garden Statuary!

The Garden Statuary (TGS) is the English department’s student-run multimedia journal. TGS publishes a wide range of student work, including academic essays, fiction, creative-non fiction, scripts, poetry, visual artwork, and more. If you’ve done some particularly stellar creative or academic — or perhaps creative academic? — work, TGS wants you! Successful submissions will be published online and in the beautiful...
Tips for Getting Over Writer's Block

Tips for Getting Over Writer’s Block

As someone who loves to write creatively, I’ve encountered my fair share of writer’s block. And as someone who has had to write countless essays, I’ve also encountered the dreaded blank page, staring at me, taunting me with its blank-ness. So, I’m here to try and give you some of my tips for writer’s block,...