Executive Team 2018-2019



Kavita is an English (from England) student who loves English (the subject) and spent most of her life as an avid tea drinker before Victoria introduced her to coffee (see below). This year, she’s overseeing ESA operations as club president, so let her know if there’s ever a shortage of ice cream cake!


VP Marketing

Kristine is a proud mother to three succulents, whom she regularly overwaters. She is excited to be promoting the ESA as VP Marketing this year. In her spare time, she enjoys scoping out hipster food joints, not killing houseplants, and cultivating her coffee snobbery.


VP Events Programming

As this year’s VP Events Programming, Kristina spends most of her time listening to podcasts and deciding what kind of chips will be served at events. If you have a favourite podcast she hasn’t heard of, or a particular flavour of chip you’re interested in seeing at an upcoming event, please let her know.


VP Finance

Jessica is a third-year who is an absentminded, generally nocturnal creature that primarily feeds on books, the internet, and ice cream. She writes sometimes, sings sometimes, and studies rarely. When bothered, she may throw pens, candy wrappers, and books at you. She loves cats and Haruki Murakami. Please read at your own risk.


Honours Representative

Kienan has unique struggles: the soles of his right shoe frequently fall off for no apparent reason, he is allergic to sunburns, and can’t eat carrots because they get stuck up his nose. He tries not to let these adversities define him. Kienan also consumes obscene amounts of coffee, sleeps outside as much as possible, and passionately believes every dog is a good dog.


AUS Representative

Cassandra is an English student, who joined the ESA as the AUS representative halfway through her third year. She initially joined for the leadership experience and opportunity to work with her peers, but she stayed for the opportunity to get free pizza at the meetings.