About us

The UBC English Students’ Association works to bring together Majors, Minors, and Honours students studying English Literature and Language at the University of British Columbia. We organize social events like professor mingles and ice cream cake parties and academic happenings like the annual Colloquium. We also publish undergraduate work in The Garden Statuary. Got questions? Want to get involved? Email us at english.ubc@gmail.com or send us a message on Facebook. We’d love to hear from you.
The ESA also strives to acknowledge that we operate on the traditional, unceded, and ancestral territories of the Musqueam people, which are an enduring site of literary and linguistic exchange.

meet the execs




5th year Honours English (Literature) + French

A dedicated list maker, classroom announcer and admirer of trees, Eleanor is this year’s ESA president. Her goals for this year include playing board games, eating more pancakes, and learning how to delegate. You can probably spot her power walking around campus with coffee in hand. She enjoys thinking about languages and wearing blazers.

Preferred reading material: Marie Clements, Virginia Woolf, Joseph Boyden, Dionne Brand, Alice Munro, Kathleen Jamie, Homer, [probable robot] Margaret Atwood, Shakespeare. Guilty pleasure: Romantic poetry. Wajdi Mouawad’s Incendies is probably my favourite play.



Acting Vice President and Webmaster

4th year Honours English (Literature)

Pottermore told Rebecca her patronus is a hippogriff, and she’ll be riding that randomly-generated high for the rest of this year. She knows a thing or two about Tycho Brahe and is, like, 95% sure Margaret Atwood is a robot. Rebecca is also a member of the ESA web team.

Preferred reading material: This article.




4th year English (Language) Bachelor + Master of Management

Sasha is a true renaissance woman. After discovering her passion for space, Sasha joined NASA to become an astronaut. After traveling to Mars with Russians several times and back, Sasha decided on another career change: fostering unicorns as a hobby. While fostering unicorns on the side, Sasha works with the government to develop nuclear war strategy. She has access to all the codes.

Preferred reading material: The entire Twilight series, 50 Shades of Grey, Frog and Toad, Curious George, Everybody Poops, Go The F*ck To Sleep.



Social Coordinator

3rd year Honours English (Literature and Language) + Law & Society

Jia is a determined commuter who does not let three hours of transit a day keep her from doing all the things—which, this year, includes coordinating both the physical and digital of the social side of the ESA. If you manage to find her in between doing all the things, she’ll be clinging to her beloved planner, hopefully not spending all her money at Starbucks, trying to memorize all the lyrics to Hamilton, or fighting you for the seat on the 84.

Preferred reading material: The Harry Potter series ((Queen) JK Rowling), The Book Thief (Markus Zusak); Stephen King, LM Montgomery, Thomas King, Virginia Woolf.




3rd year Honours English (Literature)

Janice is often seen wandering around campus trying to find an interesting study space (or rather, a lunch spot). Since returning from exchange at Cambridge, she procrastinates by daydreaming about castles, Gothic cathedrals, and the English countryside. If you get a chance to peek at her music playlist, you’ll find: Celtic folk music, Cantonese pop songs, Classical music, French rap, and soundtracks from various musicals. Janice is the ESA’s secretary this year and will be emailing out newsletters that you will all definitely read from beginning to end.

Preferred reading material: Mary Shelley (Frankenstein), Jeannette Walls, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Mikhail Bulgakov (The Master and Margarita), Edgar Allan Poe, and Shakespeare’s tragedies.



Webmaster and Blog Manager

5th year English (Literature) + Creative Writing

Charmaine is your friendly neighbourhood hipster, proudly emanating all the stereotypes. You can find her cuddling a book at East Van cafés or browsing for records, no joke. She has written for local publications like Ricepaper Magazine and Discorder, and you can find her original work on her website Breakfast with Words. She adores sports that involve riding a board sideways and is passionate about diversity and representation in film and television.

Preferred reading material: Authors: Haruki Murakami, Douglas Coupland, Oscar Wilde, David Mitchell, Modernists (Joyce, T. S. Eliot, Virginia Woolf). Screenwriters: Joss Whedon, Jenji Kohan, Ronald D. Moore, Wes Anderson.



Editor-in-Chief of The Garden Statuary

4th year Creative Writing Major + Asian Canadian and Asian Migration Studies Minor

Mary is a queer Chinese Canadian artist and writer who has grown up in the cradle of unceded Coast Salish land. She is currently completing her BFA in Creative Writing with a minor in Asian Canadian and Asian Migration studies. Someone apparently thought it was a good idea to hand her the keys to the kingdom this year, so if The Garden Statuary ends up publishing 15 stories about dogs, you know who to fire.

Preferred reading material: Megan Whalen Turner, Melina Marchetta, Amber Dawn, Hiromi Goto, Jillian Tamaki, Benjamin Alire Sáenz.

Mary also single-handedly drew these adorable exec portraits. Thanks Mary!