The UBC English Students’ Association works to bring together Majors, Minors, and Honours students studying English Literature and Language at the University of British Columbia. We organize social events like professor mingles and ice cream cake parties and academic happenings like the annual Colloquium. We run a blog and also publish undergraduate work in The Garden Statuary.  Want to get involved? Email us at or Emailing not your thing? Send us a message on Facebook. We’d love to hear from you.
The ESA acknowledges that we operate on the traditional, unceded, and ancestral territories of the Musqueam people, which are an enduring site of literary and linguistic exchange. We encourage reflection on what it means for many of us to be students and settlers.




Jia is a determined commuter who does not let three hours of transit a day keep her from doing all the things—which, this year, includes overseeing ESA operations as club president. If you manage to find her in between doing all the things, she’ll be clinging to her beloved planner, hopefully not spending all her money at Starbucks, trying to memorize all the lyrics to Hamilton, or fighting you for the seat on the 84. Ask her how her thesis is going.


Vice President, Editor-in-Chief The Garden Statuary

Pottermore told Rebecca her patronus is a hippogriff, and she’ll be riding that randomly-generated high for the rest of her life. She knows a thing or two about Tycho Brahe and is, like, 95% sure Margaret Atwood is a robot. Rebecca is also the Editor-in-Chief of The Garden Statuary and the ESA’s web administrator. Don’t ask her about her thesis.




Kristina is a literal dragon who sits on our humble hoard of money. Please help us. We can’t access our cash box until she falls asleep. And she never sleeps. She never sleeps.



Social Coordinator

Janice is often seen wandering around campus trying to find an interesting study space (or rather, a lunch spot). Since returning from exchange at Cambridge, she procrastinates by daydreaming about castles, Gothic cathedrals, and the English countryside. If you get a chance to peek at her music playlist, you’ll find: Celtic folk music, Cantonese pop songs, Classical music, French rap, and soundtracks from various musicals.



Sarah Bott was absorbed into a computer twelve years ago and so it was only natural that she’d start penning all our emails for us. Thanks, Sarah! You’re our favourite ghost in the machine.


 Blog Manager

Alex is frankly an uninteresting human being that masquerades as a slightly callous and perpetually half-asleep individual. Basically, a zombie. He thinks everything is meta and enjoys ruthlessly planning every aspect of his academic life — with no guarantees that he’ll follow through with any of it. As he is currently wrapping up an eight-month co-op work term and taking a distance education course, your best chances of luring Alex out of his room is by disconnecting the wifi.



AUS Representative

Jessica is a first year who is an absentminded, generally nocturnal creature that primarily feeds on books, the internet, and ice cream. She writes sometimes, sings sometimes, and studies rarely. When bothered, she may throw pens, candy wrappers, and books at you. She loves cats and Haruki Murakami. Please read at your own risk.